I made this little room specially to house some Valentine's gifts from a group of very special friends - they know who they are.  The pine box originally held Port and Irish Cream Whiskey, which unfortunately I didn't get to drink, as I found the box, minus the booze, at a car boot sale.  It represents a display area in a shop, just before The Day, and who could resist the little treasures for sale?

These are not the best photos ever.  My fault, I took them.  I'm hoping to persuade the expert to redo them for me

Nearly everything on the shelf was a Valentine's gift, including the tray, which I filled with wine, chocolates, a card and a lovely single rosebud.  The balloons on sticks are opaque beads decorated with shiny stickers.
This one shows more of the gifts from my friends, including the bouquet of roses, the wicker box, which I have filled with jewellery, the gift box, the clock and the chocolate box.  The jewellery on the higher shelf is made mainly from Indian bindis, with miniature pearls and diamonds added.  The chains are made either of tiny gold beads called 'ballantine' glued onto the backing or fine gold embroidery thread.  I cannibalised my lace bobbins for the crystal beads to make the scent bottles!
Under the shelf, in the open box, snuggled up on a black lacy basque, is the shop's cat.

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